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Indian Housekeeper's Club is the largest forum of Indian Housekeepers in our indian hospitality & soon going to become the second largest forum of Hospitality Industries in India. It is registered Housekeepers forum under Govt. acts & rules.



1. To bring maximum Housekeepers / Asst. Managers /Supervisors/ Attendants in this forum to make them friendly with each others. We Hoteliers have hardly time for our social life or for any of clubs. We all can gather once in a year for this reason & can celebrate Housekeepers year with our family members.

2. We arrange a workshops for housekeepers in which they learn a new technology, methods of cleaning services, hygiene, safety & security etc & the same time they get a chance to interact with the prominent Housekeepers of India.

3. Sort out Official task / any kind of enquiry over the phone or e-mail.

4. To the forum where we can share our experience / knowledge & exchange our views with each other.

5. Apart from the Housekeepers we also invite those companies which deal with housekeeping / hotels to tell us about their new products / cleaning agents/ machineries / about which we are not aware.

6. Through these companies representatives we have golden chance to know about the latest cleaning agents, latest technology of cleaning machines & shampooing, latest & eco-friendly pest control services to eradicate the pest problems.

7. Through this forum we housekeepers can put up, Our operational problems in front of these companies to provide better services & pay special attention.

8. Our prime object would be to provide jobs to housekeeping all staff in India as well as in abroad through our forum.
IHC would extend its full support & co-operation to their members as & when they require.

9. Next prime objective is to open an Institute of Housekeeping management where we would teach poor students who have dream to work in Hospitality Industries but failed to go for higher study of Hotel management due to hefty fees.

10. IHC mission is also to facilitate the correspondence study for those members who are keen to study in their part time without leaving their jobs & can acquire the Diploma / Certificate courses.

11. IHC planning is to supply Housekeeping all categories staffing in all over the world & make it more popular in compare of other placement companies.

12. Have friendly atmosphere with our concerns companies.

13. We organize 2 days national Convention of Housekeepers once in every year.


"We have heard.... our Hotel Industry is small but it is not due to unknown faces & people"

Yes... we can make it small after joining I.H.C.