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Indian housekeepers club is a forum of Indian housekeepers of the Hospitality industry, which is rapidly growing in India. Today it has become one of larger forum of housekeepers in India. We have 2000 members in all over India including the others members of other sectors related to Hospitality industries.

We are in the field of specializes as professional for housekeeping consultancy of Hotels, Hospitals, National/Multinationals companies are under taken by our prominent Housekeepers. our services are backed by qualified professional Hoteliers technical & experienced personal who ensure that every job however large or small is attended to with care. Each assignment is personally supervised by our qualified housekeepers under the guidance of our advisory board.Though it is non-profit earning forum. However we have plenty of housekeepers .Who are retired or looking for jobs and some are interested to work in a part time consequently we give them opportunity equally to all through our forum.

Staff Recruitment / placement

We have a big data bank of housekeeping staff for all positions including fresher.

If you want to recruit a genuine staff then do not hesitate to contact us.


Staff Training

We have dozens of trainers/expertise/ popular personality of the hospitality industry who are associated with our forum.

We conduct training exclusively for Hospitality Industries.



We do consultancy for housekeeping & ensure that the entire operations carries on smoothly at the low cost with maximum productivity under our consultancy we look after the following mentioned jobs.

1. Introducing a new SOP's designed property to property & its execution.

2. Conducting in house training center, motivation & developing team spirits among the staff.

3. Improving Quality of work.

4. Increasing productivity of work.

5. What and How to maintain book keeping records.

6. Reduce Cost of your Operation without Affecting the guest services.

7. Reducing and controlling the guest complaints.

8. Assisting and guiding the housekeepers as and when required.

9. Housekeeping staff placement and recruitment.

10. Providing industrial trainees from the institute of hotel management.

11. Services Focus on guest satisfaction.

12. Providing best quality of materials through our sources.